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Saturday 19 November – 3.00pm

Hackney Showroom – Free

Experimental works that challenge and provoke as they explore concepts of gender, sexuality, familial anxiety and the pleasure of a really good piss. This two-part programme first goes on a harrowing and revelatory trip around femininity and family politics, with some anarchism thrown in for good measure. Part two shifts to a more sensory approach, from the undulations of prismatic couplings to fractured selves and the stories we tell ourselves.

Content warning: contains flashing images and explicit content

Lying Women
Dir Deborah Kelly / Australia 2016 / 3’56min
Reclining nudes of classical painting, come out! and breeeeeathe.

Dir Mahshid Mahboubifar / Islamic Republic of Iran 2016 / 1’48min
The pain and shame put upon women, the pain of mensies, the pain of growing up and coming into certain kinds of knowledge, made visceral, visible.

When I’m A Woman
Dir Andreea Sticlea / United Kingdom 2016 / 3’21min
This monologue embraces the expansive vision of animation and archive footage to characterise trans experience.

Dir Petra Brnardic / Croatia 2015 / 5’11min
This brutal, macabre collage piece merges psychedelics with a camp horror aesthetic to explore ideas around the historically perceived danger of female sexuality.

Dir Anna Linder / Sweden 2013 / 12’25min
Super8 subversions of typical family structures and the dictations of pregnancy on a heteronormative template. Desire, the body, and the families we create for ourselves.

Technicolour Angst
Dir Ketchup Freeland / USA 2015 / 12’16
Every year we wait to find a feminist, anarchist DIY musical, and this year it comes in the form of this neon strobing story of paradise lost in the domestic sphere.

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Amsterdam Experimental
Dir Sian Alexandra Williams / United Kingdom, Netherlands 2016 / 12’16min
A mesmerising take on being young, in love, experinecing the freshness of the world, and of course being stoned in Amsterdam - with reference to all the classic avant garde filmmakers that came before. 

1975 (Kiss)
Dir Wrik Mead / Canada 2014 / 1’00min
Brief moments of rotoscoped memory - a kiss, division, family troubles, growing up.

White Cube Beat Box
Dir Oggy Yordanov / United Kingdom 2016 / 1’20min
A short and sharp fashion film of club-kid proportions where high art style and razor-sharp editing collide.

Dir Almir Correia / Brazil 2016 / 11’30min
Balletic, surreal, humourous and undeniably hot, these fractals of copulation will take you to another dimension. Kaleidoscope porn discovered.

Middle-Aged FacePalms (37)
Dir Jeff Page / United States 2015 / 0’30min
Created to be shown as an installation work on loop, this silent, cheeky stop-motion piece throws up insults and self-deprecating thoughts, one for each of the filmmaker's 37 years.

The Character Inside Me
Dir Andreas Boschmann / Germany 2015 / 15’45min
What began as an erotic performance of masculinity has taken Markus, Berlin's most prominent public pisser, into a whole new level of photography, video and performance.