Shorts: Self-Define Your Gender Paradigm

Sunday 20 November – 5.30pm

Hackney Showroom – Free

Questioning and redefining gender expectations and representation, these films bring together thoughts on the body as a landscape of imaginative expanse.

Content warning: short discussion of corrective rape

All Their Shades
ir Chloé Alliez / Belgium 2015/ 5’46min
Light-hearted animation about appreciating women in all their forms.

Dir Forrest Lotterhos / United States 2015 / 8’36min
Deep and intimate inquiry into identity, self, and bodies with five AFAB (assigned female at birth) trans* people.

Dir Maick Hannder / Brazil 2016 / 6’51min
Ingrid explores her body as a landscape she has both traversed and shaped.

Dir Patricia Cruz / Puerto Rico 2016 / 3’39min
A young child plays in the forest of Puerto Rico, but must return home to a double life.

Dir Carey Averbook, Kristin Adair / United States 2016 / 8’50min
Frances Reed shares the pains and pleasures of navigating life outside the gender binary.

Fluid Y
Dir Katerina Athanasopoulou / United Kingdom 2015 / 4’00min
Beautiful and evocative DIY filmmaking gem which refigures the bathroom as a site to explore gender fluidity.

Being Unbound
Dir Anna Wistreich / United Kingdom, Tanzania 2015 / 21’57min
Documentary telling the story of a group of trans men in Tanzania fighting to create safe spaces and awareness.

I am a Woman
Dir Kay Fi'ain / United Kingdom 2016 / 3’23min
Spoken word artist Azara Meghie questions expectations around gender and presentation.

New Male Privilege Presents Cistem Cisgame 
Tanja Wol / Denmark 2015 / 10’42min
A playful critique of trans-exclusionary feminism from the glitter ballads of trans post-boyband, New Male Privilege.