Shorts: Histories Real and Imagined

Saturday 19 November – 1pm

Hackney Showroom – Free

This collection of thought-provoking shorts casts the net back through the archive to both uncover hidden gems and confront lingering ghosts. These are vital histories of life stories that are otherwise so rarely acknowledged, and which often have to be imagined.

Content warning: disturbing plasticine clowns; animals being hunted/killed.

A Lifetime of Making Change
Dir Megan Rossman / United States 2015 / 2’39min
Queer elder Maxine Wolfe reflects on a lifetime of activism and her role as a coordinator at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, New York.

When AIDS Was Funny
Dir Scott Calonico / United States 2015 / 7’30min
Powerful and effective short exposing the shocking indifference, and sometimes outright derision, of the Reagan administration towards the growing AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s.

Semiotics of Sab
Dir Tina Takemoto / United States 2016 / 5’35min
Experimental film paying homage to forgotten gay Japanese American actor Sab Shimono through revisiting archive footage of his films with a queer lens.

Dir Kat Michaelides / United Kingdom 2016 / 8’40min
Surreal animation delving into the depths of memory and forgetting, wilderness and possession.

Familiar Memories
Dir Pol Merchan / Germany 2016/ 3’52min
Pieced together from a flea market find of Super 8 archives from the 60s, this original short examines the invisible or buried elements of a biography not captured by the camera or not wanted to be seen.

Mi Familia 2: Class Order Family Tribe
Dir Rob Fatal / United States 2015 / 26’04min
This silent, experimental documentary interrogates identity, family, and class through home movie footage from the filmmaker’s childhood between two cultures.

Arts + Crafts Spectacular #3
Dir Ian Ritterskamp, Sébastien Wolf / Germany 2015 / 4’36min
Uncanny animated take on the shooting of Andy Warhol by Valerie Solanas, narrated by Amanda Lear, and featuring psychedelic clowns with screwdrivers.

Slow (Remix)
Dir Sean Desiree, Alisa Sikelianos-Carter / United States 2015 / 4’52min
A simple, loving, and tender film capturing a moment of intimacy.