Shorts: A Queer Family Portrait

Sunday 20 November – 1:00pm for brunch/3:00pm for films

The Institute of Light – Free

joyful, emotional, hilarious and provocative, these films explore the bonds we share with the ones we love. come join fringe! for a big queer family brunch from 13:00 at helio's cantina at the institute of light (a la carte), have your own queer family portrait taken by photographer sarah scott, and stay for a cracking programme of short films redefining ways of thinking about family.

brunch reservations recommended, screening tickets free but separate.

Content warning: contains brief, explicit images in the final film. 

Where We Are Now 
dir Lucie Rachel / UK 2016 / 9'18min
A moving insight into the changing relationship between a queer daughter and her transitioning mother when coming out brings them closer together. 

The Journey 
dir Ross Bolidai / UK 2016 / 3min
Martin gets a message from some rather fabulous new friends on his 85th birthday. A total celebration of the families that we make for ourselves. 

More Than God 
dir Kev Cahill / Ireland 2015 / 9min
Irish farce in which a husband’s search for truth uncovers a whole lot more. 

My Life: I'm A Surrogate 
dir Cody Autterson & Andrew Schneider / USA 2016 / 6’45min
Follow Jazmin's journey with Jon & Stein as they bring a new life into the world in this documentary that is sure to tug at the heartstrings. 

dir Zhanna Ozirna / Ukraine 2016 / 8min
A Ukrainian couple day dream about their shared future; kids, kittens, and the overthrow of social norms. 

Alzheimer's: A Love Story 
dir Gabe Schimmel, Monica Petruzzelli / USA 2015 / 16’24min
Long-term couple Greg and Michael continue to find love together after Greg is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

Mothers of God
dir Laura McGehee /USA 2015 /10min
After an unexpected pregnancy, a lesbian couple confront the possibility they could be responsible for the Second Coming. That’s a messiah we’d like to meet. 

The Right to love
dir Barbara Zemlji? / Slovenia 2013 / 17’22min
A mother’s dying wish to reunite the estranged members of her family brings long-held secrets to the fore. 

Coming Out 
dir Vijay Patel / UK 2016 / 1’23min
Coming out to your mum can be hard, like other things in this explicit short

Sarah Scott is a queer writer and photographer with a bent for the odd, the honest and the ordinary.
@sarahannascott on FB and Instagram