I'm With You presents Queer Gestures: A FORECAST project

Sunday 20 November – 2pm-5pm

Barbican Conservatory – Free

A series of queer gestures towards an uncertain future. This afternoon of performance brings some of London's most innovative artists together to reflect on the current period of unprecedented flux and to make predictions about what happens next. Performances will take place over the duration of the afternoon and audiences are invited to engage for as long as they'd like.

Season Butler: It Is Decidedly So 
Using dated tools, unreliable methods and the last grasps of dwindling resources, we’ll waste precious hours reaching for an ever-receding horizon.

Owen G. Parry & Bareback Museum: Helping professionals with a painting 
Owen and Miles invite you to their open studio, a museological camp amongst the exotic palms to explore friendships, public intimacies and exhibition.

Liz Rosenfeld: Proliferation I & II & Fire in the Theatre
Proliferation's I & II is a part of Rosenfeld's 1.5 year body of creative research work exploring the narrative of her first feature film FOXES (currently in pre- production).

Sheaf + Barley: Forespeaking 
The process of rune-reading is not one of prescriptive future events but suggestive openings. The reader, the read-to, and the runes make a three-way conversation, one which is about the permeable membrane of the future.

I’m With You: Layers, a score for solo public performance.
If your eyes are full of tears and these letters are just watery blobs, let the tears fall.  
Let it all out. Let it all go. 

Photo: Alex Eisenberg, I'm With You: Daytime Drama (Rivington Place), Christa Holka 2013