Sat Nov 17, 19:00

Film, Hackney House, Free

dir. Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. | USA | 1985 | 84min

AIDS has been in our lexicon since 1981. And as progress was made, so too was the phraseology. From AIDS victim, to person with AIDS, to HIV+, to person with HIV, and now “undetectable” - we have found other ways to represent it.

HIV|AIDS on screen, has always been trickier. It wasn’t until the end of the decade that mainstream Hollywood found a way to address to subject in films like Longtime Companion (1989) and Philadelphia (1993). But before the major campaigns came Buddies. What makes Buddies a significant work of queer cinema and of 20th century filmmaking is that the first depiction of AIDS on film was done by a director who himself was living with AIDS. And instead of a story of a person with AIDS becoming palatable or redeemable to the hetero-world, Buddies told the story of two men: one with AIDS, one without; united only by friendship.

Long out of print and public consciousness, Buddies was fully restored for this 2018 release, and Fringe! is proud to be showing a major work that is necessary viewing for all of us that followed these lost generations.

Tickets are available from Monday 22 Oct.

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