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Fringe! 2016

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Opening Film 



Tuesday 15 November

Rio Dalston, 8.30pm


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Closing film



Sunday 20 November

Genesis Cinema, 8.30PM


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20th Anniversary Screening

The Watermelon Woman


Sunday 20 November

Barbican Cinema, 4pm

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Holestar presents Pan People

thu 17 nov / The Glory

BDSM workshop and fetish party Award-winning drag performer and Dominatrix, Holestar has been been spanking bums and doing rude things to naughty people for over sixteen years. As part of FRINGE!, she hosts a BDSM 101 workshop and fetish party for those outside the hetronorm. Whether you identify sexually as gay, lesbian,…
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Documentaries at Fringe!

Sat 21 Nov by AlexK

by MK Margetson Over the past 4 years Fringe! has consistently brought us outstanding stories of queer life. These stories can inspire us, educate us, remind us of our history and our future, and bring the queer community… Read more